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I love my job. One of the many reasons why is because I just never know what my first graders will say.

A couple of my favorites lately are:

D came up to have his math work corrected and I could see it was just scribbles.
D: It's in Japanese.
Me: Oh well, I can't read Japanese. I will need you to go do it in English for me.
D: But it is so much harder in English
Then he preceded to try and "read" his work to me since apparently he can read in Japanese.
Definitely a creative way to get out of work, I will give him that much.
While waiting in line for the bathroom W asked me, "Mrs. Stewart, is this your job?
Me: Yes, it is.
W: How much do they pay you?
Me: It doesn't matter.
W: It doesn't matter? So if they paid you one dollar would you do it?
Me: Yes I would.
W: Would you do it for two dollars?
Me: Yes.
W: Mrs. Stewart, you should have asked for $100!
Wow, it is too bad I didn't have him to negotiate my salary for me, maybe next time.