Valentine's Gift

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Joel and I don't have any traditions for Valentine's Day. We spend the day together and usually go out for dinner or something. Nothing spectacular, but always nice. This year I have a challenge for us and for you too! From January 14th to February 14th we are going to be intentional about treating each other like we did when we were dating where we did everything we could to show the other person that we love them, care about them, are interested in them, think about them...basically we were obsessed with each other! I think this challenge will help our relationship not because Joel is lacking but because I am. I think that sometimes I can be self-centered and don't put Joel's needs before my own. I think that part of this comes from my dealing with depression over this last year. I have spent a lot of time processing and healing and that has turned my focus inward. Now that I am doing so well emotionally and spiritually I am excited to focus on Joel and "us". I still remember how my heart skipped a beat the first time Joel said the word "us". I will never forget how perfect that word sounded!

I talked to Joel about this idea on Saturday and I think he decided not to wait until the 14th to start. We spent all of Saturday together, doing nothing special, but I woke up Sunday morning feeling incredibly loved. I looked in the mirror and thought that I was beautiful, really beautiful. I didn't look in the mirror and see my flaws, I just saw me and I realized I am beautiful. Joel did little things on Saturday that made me feel like he thought I was beautiful. Thank you Joel for speaking truth into my life.
I spent this afternoon with a few girlfriends. Somehow the topic of how Joel and I started dating came up. I started telling the story, which I love to share, and immediately turned into a giggly little girl. I even brought out a couple of our journals and shared parts of it with my friends. We laughed and even cried a little. Joel and I have such a sweet and honest love story. I love my husband so much and will never doubt that we were meant for each other. I truly believe that when God created Joel he had me in mind!
Now I am going to go make some bread because I know that Joel will love waking up to the smell of fresh bread and he can make himself a panini for lunch. Good luck with the challenge, let me know if you choose to accept! I will keep you posted:-)