Little bits of joy

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My week has consisted of trying to wake up early, go to work and still trying to have a personal life. Thus begins the struggle to live a balanced life again. Vacation was wonderful but I had been missing having a consistent schedule. It has been a busy week, but a very fulfilling one. It is nice to return to all of the activities I have chosen to fill my life with.

Tomorrow is Friday!! Woohoo!

This week I was either busy or asleep... After reflecting on this week the things that stand out are the little interactions I have had with the people in my life.

I have been able to see the joy that I bring into people's lives, and that is a wonderful feeling. I have had glimpses of that with students, co-workers, Joel and friends.

Things I want to remember about this week:

1. Getting to wake up next to Joel and be the first one that gets to tell him "Happy Birthday" needless to say I am very glad he was born :-)

2. All of the sweet hugs from my students after such a long break

3. A student saying "Mrs. Stewart, you are the best teacher ever, and not just because you give us candy, but because all of the work you give us to do is so fun!"

4. Seeing a group of girls getting really excited to help me with the costumes for "The Wiz" musical. I am looking forward to spending time with them and hopefully inspire them to exercise their creative sides.

5. Seeing one of my students smile after a little talk with me, his face often has such an angry/sad face on it, it is so wonderful to see him smile.

6. Asking a second grader for a hug and seeing how happy and proud he was to be cared for and hugged in front of other students (he is a more difficult student, that I love to pieces)

7. Having a group of our closest friends over for chili and games, I love our friends.

8. Showing Myles the birthday cake and seeing him glow with excitement and whisper "cake!"

9. Seeing my husband get exactly what he wanted for his birthday; time with friends

10. I love my students, my job, my friends, my family, my husband. I love my life and I am so blessed!

This is my favorite picture from this week. It captures the night for me. Myles is so happy about the cake and the boys in the background are so happy to be together, playing games and eating good food. I am on the other side of the camera so happy to be able to bless the people in my life.