Colorado Trip Days 6, 7 and 8

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Sorry I stopped posting on the last two days of our trip. The end was jam packed and didn't leave much time for posting. We are now back in Minnesota. I am relishing my last day before returning to work. I have mixed feelings I sway between dreading having to set my alarm clock again for 5:30 AM and being excited to see my kids again. I have missed my kids but definitely not my alarm.

Highlights from the end of our Colorado vacation included:
Going up to Beaver Creek to ski with Joel's siblings. I went with but chose not to ski because of the tendonitis in my foot. I am trying to be a grown up and realize that pain=problem. I spent the morning in Starbucks and the afternoon in the cafe at the Ritz Carlton. The Ritz was lovely. I sat and sipped a delicious apple cider (with a whole stick of cinnamon in it) and looked at all of the crafty blogs I follow for inspiration. Oh yeah and the fresh chocolate chip cookies that were handed out at the ski area were pretty nice as well.
We spent the night at Joel's sister's house and watched "Lars and the Real Girls", I would recommend it. The next day we returned to Joel's parents house for a dinner with the extended family. Then we had a Christmas party with some of Joel's friends. Afterwards we had a nice talk with Joel's parents.
We had a great time on this trip. It truly felt like a vacation. We had lots of time with friends and family and even found a few moments for Joel and I to be alone. In the end I felt relaxed, had a great time, and have a closer relationship with my new family. Oh yeah and I loved having a week off from cooking! Turns out we should go on vacation a lot more :-)
We left early the next morning expecting a lot of holiday traffic at the airport. Thankfully we got through security quickly and had enough time for a nice breakfast.
My least favorite part of the trip was changing seats with someone so they could sit next to their friend and ending up sitting next to a woman who was obviously wearing Depends and had been depending on one pair for far too long I think. Let's just say I was very thankful to get off the plane! We were a little last minute with arranging a ride home from the airport and ended up stuffed in the back seat of our friends car along with their twin girls and all of their holiday luggage. It was a tight fit but further proof that we have great friends!