My favorite Christmas present

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This year I received two presents from students at school. One was a pair of earrings and one was a letter.

The letter came from an older sister of one of my students. She attends the same school and stops by for hugs and to check on her brother a lot. She is also part of the school musical that I am helping with.

Here is her letter, spelling and grammar errors left intact :-)

Happy Holiday Ms. Stewart I think your a great teacher and your always trying to do your best. I think you will be a great princalebel. I hope you will be here next year cause I will be so happy if you stayed at LoveWorks Academy. I hope your wonderful family have a very nice holiday over christmas break. I really want you to be my teacher forever cause I really like you as a friend and I hope you remeber me.

Not to downplay any of the other gifts I have received but this letter is my favorite. It is amazing how one little note can inspire and motivate me to keep trying to do my best! I love that she said that in her letter. I always tell my students to keep trying, never give up and to always do their best.

Growing up my sisters and I each had a plaque on the wall that described the meaning of our names and had a Bible verse on it. This is what mine said:

Olivia: Peaceful Spirit
Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.
Proverbs 16:24
That verse describes what that letter was for me. What a wonderful gift.