Day Four: Christmas Eve

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I have no pictures to share of the day. I just wanted to record what we did today.

Joel and his mom finished another puzzle. My favorite part was the piece that had obviously been chewed by a dog. I love pets and the spice they add to life :-)
While they did the puzzle we discussed dinner and what to make. I mentioned the amazing carrot souffle I had in Duluth this fall during my girls weekend. I had no idea how to make it but still salivate at the thought of it. I looked up a recipe online and used the one I found here. It was pretty easy and everyone loved it. I only put half the sugar in but it was still a little sweet for me. I am in it for the carrots not the sugar. I love carrots!
We prepped all the food and put it in the oven with a timer set so that we could go to church and come back with dinner ready. We headed off to Christmas Eve service. It was a great message about Joseph and the role he played as Jesus's father, not something I had thought about very much as Joseph doesn't say much in the Bible. After church we greeted friends and caught up on who is engaged, married, pregnant, away at school etc. Joel's sister is pregnant, but some people thought I was pregnant! Thankfully no one came up and asked me when I was due... I have put on a little bit of holiday weight but hope I don't look pregnant!
After church we came home to find that the oven timer had been set for the wrong oven (this oven is very fancy and has two ovens!) Some people were hungry but I thought it was a fortunate mistake. We still had one hour to wait for the food so we played games. It was great! I love sitting around and laughing with family.
An hour later we stuffed ourselves silly with dinner. Promptly after dinner I put on my pajamas and curled up for a nap on the couch. It is my own holiday tradition I guess!
The family sat around and talked for a while and then all went to bed.