Day Two in Colorado: Early Retirement

UncategorizedOlivia StewartComment

Day two was very relaxing. I slept in, had breakfast, finished a puzzle, had lunch, did some sewing, used the elliptical machine, soaked in the hot tub, made dinner, ate with family and fell asleep on the couch. This must be what being retired feels like. Anyone have suggestions on how to be able to retire early?

My favorite part of the day was getting to sew. I woke up with the desire to make something, but being on vacation I don't have access to all of my crafty supplies. Thankfully my mother-in-law was planning on making a privacy curtain for guests sleeping on the hide-a-bed and she let me make it. I had a great time learning how to use her sewing machine. I always love getting to see and use other people's crafting space and because she is part of my family it was an extra special moment for me. I love getting to look in sewing boxes that have been passed down through the family. I have my grandma's sewing box. I love sewing with her needles, thread and buttons. It makes me feel close to her again.