Beginning of Christmas Break!

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Friday, December 18th was my last day of teaching until January 5th! I am going to miss my kids but I am SO thankful for a break. Joel and I spent all of Saturday with friends. Our day started off with meeting up with a one of our favorite couples to workout and have breakfast. The workout was just a good excuse to get together! Then we went home and made chili for a potluck lunch with our small group.
I love our small group. We spent the rest of Saturday with them. We went caroling at a nursing home. This is a small group tradition and was our third year doing it together. Then we went back to our leader's house and made cookies. This is a picture of one of my best friends and her adorable son! We had a great time decorating (and eating) cookies.

This is what the boys did while we made cookies. They played poker and consumed cookies!
After a full day we went downstairs, snuggled up in blankets, had tea and watched "The Holiday". I took a few naps on the couch throughout the day as well. All in all this was probably one of my favorite days. We have great friends.